Second Grade Nest: Valentine's Came and Went Too Quickly

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Came and Went Too Quickly

Happy Valentine's Day, blog pals! Today, we had our Valentine's Day party and tomorrow night I am celebrating with the boyfriend, so it's two days of lovey dovey fun. 

We had a fun day! During the day, we did our math lesson and our Daily 5 lesson, but our Daily 5 was a Valentine's themed session!

Read to Self- reading comprehension activity on Valentine's Day

Read to Someone- reading Valentine's books together

Image of itemImage of itemImage of item

Word Work- owl bag craft for their Valentine's
Thanks to Doodle Bugs, I was inspired to make some owl bags for the students Valentines and treats. 
^ Doodle Bugs ^

I put them out in the hallway for the day so people could see how cute they were! 

Work on Writing- prompt in writing journal- writing a letter to someone they love
25 February Writing Journal Prompts

Listen to Reading- books on Valentine's books on CD 
Thanks Scholastic! 

After that, during our down town, the students completed a math packet for review. I found a ton of freebies over at 1st Grade Fantabulous and had students work through these! 

THEN, we had our party!! 
Check out all the snacks we had!! 
Too much sugar!!

The kids sorted their Valentine's while parents helped pass out the snacks, then we watched Charlie Brown! 

And last, check out what I made my kids.
I found this idea on Pinterest! An adorable blogger at A Little Tipsy gave a TON of Valentine's ideas for kids! I chose #17 with the lips and mustaches.
I bought red and black cardstock and cut out 21 lips and mustaches last night!  

Here I am sampling out a mustache! 

And Ethan decided to give his owl a mustache. This was too cute not to photograph! 


  1. Love the mustache! And holy sugar! (You had the party at the end of the day, right? :)
    Mrs. Jones’s Kindergarten

    1. Of course!! I would never load them up with that much sugar, then expect to take care of them the rest of the day! :-D

  2. Oh my word - the sugar ;) I saw those mustaches and lips - so glad to see that someone used them this year too. What fun! Can your kiddos earn lunch bunch on a regular basis?

    Leslie - Teach

    1. Yes, they get Lunch Bunch if they can earn 5 'sticks in the bucket' throughout the week. These sticks in the bucket are a whole-class reward system. Its been a rowdy quarter so they really haven't gotten it too many times. They are starting to calm down and get it weekly again.