Second Grade Nest: Reviewing 2 Digit Addition with Math Centers

Monday, February 25, 2013

Reviewing 2 Digit Addition with Math Centers

Test tomorrow!! 
We spent today reviewing double digit addition with my centers pack. 
I think it helped every one of my children truly understand because they had 7 opportunities to practice in a small group. 

Regroup or Not?
Students solve problems with markers, then sort onto the Regrouping mat or Not Regrouping mat. 

Pull and Solve a Two-digit Problem
Students pull out a two-digit math problem, then solve with a black marker and record on recording sheets (matching up with the A-H). 

Double Digit Mystery Messages
Solve problems on a worksheet, then plug in the numbers at the bottom to make two mystery messages! 

Represent Problems with Place Value Blocks
Students use connecting cubes to show how to regroup if more than ten in the ones house. 

Represent Problems with Place Value Blocks
Another game where students use a place value mat to show to the regroup if there are more than ten in the ones house 

Spin and Solve
Spin two numbers, plug them into their math math, solve. 

Pick and Solve
Students draw out a horizontal two-digit math problem, then plug it into the addition mat and solve. 

Click the purple title page at the top if you're interested in a purchase. It is only $5 at my TPT store! 
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  1. I have a small handful of first graders who are going to be ready for regrouping this year- looks like a great resource for them!!
    Going Nutty!

  2. I popped over from the Teaching & Tapas Giveaway. I love your blog!! I'm following you!!

    Happy Teacher Heaven

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