Second Grade Nest: Prefix/Suffix Plus a Freebie

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Prefix/Suffix Plus a Freebie

I didn't get the greatest pictures throughout the last two weeks, but I got a few! We spent the couple of weeks on prefixes and suffixes.

I tied these centers and activities into my Listen to Reading round during Daily 5. As soon as the students were finished, they were able to grab a book on CD and listen to reading, but they had a great time with these beforehand.

The students must spin their prefix, then spin their root word.

After they spin both words, they fill it into the graph seen below to decide if the word they found was real or nonsense.

Here they are matching definitions to prefix words!

This is usually supposed to be done TWO at a time, but we had two snow days in the last week, so I squeezed two days into one. They did okay with it. In this game, the zookeeper is holding the suffix and students must match the root words up to the suffix that makes it a real word.

And a shot of the same spinning game but with suffixes!

And here is a FREEBIE sample from the suffix pack! Enjoy! I gave this as an overall assessment. 
There is a er/less page and a able/ful page.
This is the able/ful page that is found in the suffix pack (or the whole bundle).


  1. GREAT worksheets to go with! Love the written piece!! It's adorable!

    Amy Howbert
    Little Miss Organized