Second Grade Nest: A Somewhat Random Post

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Somewhat Random Post

Today's blog topics are quite different from each other! 
We will cover reading/Daily 5 fun, organizing, and a techy linky party! 

Let's start with our reading post! 
My kids are in love with their fluency phones. I introduced their phones to them this week and they absolutely love them. I have a "real" one that I received from a kindergarten reading product a few years ago, then the rest I received from our free teacher store in Cincinnati! If you are a Cincy/Northern Kentucky teacher, check and see if your school qualifies for Crayons 2 Computers.

Green Toobaloo®
They sell these at Really Good Stuff.
Or you can try to make your own from PVC pipe!

I added these fluency phones into my Daily 5 during Read to Self and the (productive) noise decreased incredibly! 

And yes, my kids LOVE to squeeze themselves in the middle of the book bins to read. They make a fortress with the book bins to read. Weird tendencies...

Another topic I wanted to cover was marker bags! 
I have found the easiest way to deal with dry erase boards is to bag them all up. 

You will need: 
EXPO Markers
Ziploc Bags (freezer size)
White Board

Instead of passing out boards, markers, and erasers every single time you're using these bags, why not bag them all up. 

My students are quite messy putting their bags back in.
Last year, when I taught Kindergarten, I would put them back in for them and stand each bag up neatly and tidy... but this year, I decided that I didn't feel like doing that two times a day, so I remind students that if they tear these bags up and lose the markers and socks, we won't be buying new ones to fix them up!

Unless your students are ANGELS, you will hear the argument over who gets what color, but I just call up each group and tell them to grab the bag on top. 

"You get what you get, and you don't throw a fit!"


  1. We have the same phones, but I got them at Lakeshore. We call them, "magic phones" & the kids LOVE them! Nice to see them around!

    Amy Howbert
    Little Miss Organized

  2. I Love Have Fun Teaching! Thanks for the tip about the Common Core Packs - headed over now to snag mine for that great deal!
    Teaching With Style

  3. 2 Things - 1. I love the marker bags!!! I will definitely be doing that! 2. Thanks for sharing the code and how to get the common core books :) I grabbed mine yesterday for under $10.

    As always, owe you big!!!! This might be one of your best blogs ever!!!! It's loaded up with stuff!!!