Second Grade Nest: September 2012

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Daily 4 MATH

With the incredible success of Daily 5 in my classroom, I decided to try a Daily 5 themed math in my classroom. I don't have as much time for my math slot that I do for my reading, so I shortened it to Daily 4 Math. 

I did a few searches looking for the different components of Daily 5 Math and noticed it was different for everyone, so I created headings that fit my own classroom. 

My Daily 4 Math Components:
-Math with the Teacher
-Math with a Partner
-Math with a Computer
-Math by Yourself

We use the EnVision Math curriculum and this is our first year using it. There are a LOT of different daily activities they supply us, like daily reviews, workbook pages, quick checks, booklets, etc... so I was finding it difficult getting it ALL done every day. 

So, here is how I have incorporated all of these activities into my daily schedule.

Math with the Teacher:
This is when we do our Guided Practice and Independent Practice in our workbooks. This is their time for learning and instruction, then application. (I usually sit in that chair by the rolly cart, but I had to step out to take the picture...)
This is when they do their 4 page mini-booklet that teaches the strategy. 

Math with a Partner:
I set up little rugs and give the kids a basket. The activities change in this area from day to day, but they are always working in a group of 2 or 3. 

Math with a Computer:
Either the kids are playing a game on the student computers or the ActivBoard.
This picture is hard to tell what is happening, but the girl in the back is jumping up and down because the boy at the ActivBoard is running out of time matching addition facts and sums. It's fun to see them cheer each other on. 

Math By Yourself:
EnVision Math comes with a student workbook that has two workbook pages per topic, so that is their chance to work through those independently. They get it checked as soon as I'm done teaching in my group, so that they immediate feedback on right/wrong.
(If you don't have Math workbooks, I would suggest doing Math Journals during this time!)

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Putting Daily 5 All Together!

In the past 5 posts, I've reviewed how I introduced each component of Daily 5 into my morning routine! 
Now, I can share how it flows all together!

First, we start with our "Rounds" chart. The kiddos know where to look after each round. They break off into their flexible leveled group for a 15 minute component, then check back in at their desks waiting for the next round to begin.


I am pleasantly surprised how independent these students are during Daily 5. It gives me a chance to conference on writing and listen to their fluency and they can do their own activities without interrupting.

The schedule:
Reading Focus Lesson
Writing Focus Lesson
D5 Round 1
D5 Round 2
D5 Round 3
D5 Round 4
D5 Round 5

It usually takes my whole morning, but inside of that time slot, we have spelling, reading, and writing, which would take over 2 hours individually. And this gives them a chance for independence and small group interaction.

I don't think I'll ever go back! I love Daily 5!!
Check out my other entries on the specific components...

Read to Self

Read to Someone

Work on Writing

Word Work

Listen to Reading 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Listen to Reading

Last day of discussing how I introduced the components of Daily 5, tomorrow will be the big wrap-up about how its flowing and working so smooth together! 

Today, I will discuss how Listen to Reading is working in our room! 

Let me start by saying that LTR won't last long in my room because we have limited resources for it. We are currently borrowing a listening center from a first grade teacher, who can't loan it out for long! So, what I have done is create a Donors Choose request asking for donors to help fund a set of 5 CD players for my classroom!! Check it out! 

We are currently borrowing this...

Here is what I am requesting...
5 sets of these so that the students REALLY have their own choice on what they want to listen to. I am slowly building up my books on CD from the deals in Scholastic!! Otherwise, they are SO expensive. 
Student CD Player

I'll make you a deal! :-D
Whatever amount you donate to my Listening Center, I'll give you 2x the amount of free products from my store.

So if you donate $5 for my listening center, you can pick any $10 worth of products.
$10 donation >> $20 worth of products
And so on.... 
Just make sure that if you do donate to my classroom, that you email me your email address and the items you want at 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Word Work

Today, I am on my fourth day of discussing how Daily 5 is working in my classroom. During Daily 5, one component we are involved in is Word Work, which I take as an opportunity for students to practice their spelling words. 

I am doing spelling using Words Their Way this year and tiering my students into two (now three) different groups. I am also giving a Tic-Tac-Toe box to do weekly. During Daily 5, these students are practicing their spelling words with one Tic-Tac-Toe box a day. 
They work out of their O.W.L. Binders everyday in their homework section. 

THIS IS A FREEBIE at my store!!

Here are a few kiddos hard at work...

Also, during Word Work, I'll sometimes pull a group and do small group Making Words or let them do Making Words on their own. I follow Systematic Sequential Instruction with my Making Words. 

Here is how I organize it...
#1- I start with my baskets and a large Ziploc filled with my ABC bags. 

#2- Unload my letters and set out letters. 

#3- Pull out letters for the mystery word of the day. 

#4- Set out baskets of letters and tell students how many of each letter to get.
It is like the lunch line in the cafeteria. They just walk down the row of baskets and grab one out of each. 

#5- I write the letters they should have, then 2-(# of letters in word) on the board.
Then we work on adding sounds, making plurals, finding blends in words, etc. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Work on Writing

We worked on Read to Self and Read to Someone for a few days, then integrated the writing portion into our Daily 5. We are using the 6 Traits book to teach IDEAS at the moment. The kids are having a lot of fun brainstorming and getting their creative ideas down on paper without stressing out conventions and sentence structure yet. 

During Work on Writing, the students get their writing assignment for the day during our Writing Focus Lesson, which takes place before we split up into groups. For the month of September, these focus lessons will be centered around generating ideas. 
After they get their assignment or prompt, the students get their Writing Journals. 
Inside their Writing Journals, they will find a reminder asking them if they are definitely finished. I make them check through these before asking me to conference. 
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They get 15 minute to work on this activity. I'm typically conferencing with them while they are in the following activity about what they have written. 
They are allowed to sit anywhere.
It is interesting to see which kids choose to sprawl out across the floor and which choose to stay seated nicely at their desks.

Sitting like an M. She has sat like this since Kindergarten!! I had her in my K class when 2 years ago when I taught Kindergarten and I would get after her for sitting like an M. 2 years later and she still sits like this. :-) I don't try to make her stop anymore because the habit is solidified now!!

Side note!
I have signed up for Donor's Choose. You will see in my post tomorrow about Listen to Reading that we currently do not have a listening center.
I have signed up on Donors Choose to try to get a listening center donated to my classroom! CHECK IT OUT!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Read to Someone

I introduced Read to Someone a few days after the kids got the hang of their book bins and working quietly within their stamina range. 
They were thrilled to learn they got to read to someone next! 

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Then, we began and the kids loved it! We are three weeks into it, and I don't have ANY behavior problems during Read to Someone. I know I've likely just jinxed myself, but so far, so GREAT! 

They all look very engaged and it continues like this for a while! We are still all actively engaged, which surprises me, I was expecting behavior issues and boredom. 

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Read to Self

I LOVE Daily 5! 
Over the next week, I am going to introduce you to how my class has adapted to each component of Daily 5, how we have incorporated it whole class, and how I was even inspired to create Daily 4 Math for my class. So come back each day to see how my second graders have adjusted!

Read to Self

First, we started very SLOW with this. We introduced it and reviewed SO much!
We started by teaching students 3 way to read a book. 

They wrote the 3 in their reader's workbooks and we review it daily.
We also had to teach students how to pick their books for the book bins, I still have a few who want to fill their book bins with 5 chapter books a week- which I must always remind them of the I-PICK method.
(Follow the pictures above for a FREEBIE at my store.)

Each kiddo will get their very own book bin.

And we pick 5 brand new books out on Fridays for the following week. 
Day 1 of picking out books was rather chaotic. 
Try going in groups to pick out books, otherwise you'll end up like this....

Then we practice for a week adding two minutes a day. After that first week, we started adding other components in and still adding 1-2 minutes of Read to Self each day. 
I allow students to read anywhere in the room as long as they promise to follow the I-chart.
-Read the whole time.
-Stay in one spot.
-Sit in a place that a teacher can see you but not under a table. 

 They tend to gravitate towards the carpet still together and close to each other, but as you can see from this picture, they are all actively engaged in their book!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Free Teacher Things!

If you don't know about a free teacher store around you, start researching! 
In Cincinnati, there is a store called Crayons 2 Computers that teachers can visit once a month. I couldn't go during my September week assigned to me, so I used my "flex day" yesterday, which we get 2 a year. 

Check out my free stuff! 
Duck for President HARDBACK! 

Lots of little things that I'll add to my prize box
-toy cards
-book marks
-Halloween crayons
-Halloween notepads
-crazy straws
-fun pens
-jump ropes

-Easel Pad (so expensive at Staples)
-2 cork boards 

Leave a blog comment telling me what to do with this!!

2 backpacks for needy families 

Chalk and these bundled leathery Mead calendar protectors... which I used to ....

Make chalkboards!! Leather chalkboards.

So many teacher necessities.
-7 binders
-8 1 subjects notebooks for the kids
-4 composition notebooks for the kids
-3M command hooks
-4 5 subject 5-Star notebooks for me

45 children's books!!! (and you can see a little bit of the National Geographic magazines up there, too!)

2 31 duffle bags
and a 31 satchel!!

Then check if there are any free opportunities around your school district.

One creation that I've already made with my free cork board!!
I freed up so much space on my white board!