Second Grade Nest: July 2012

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Back to School Activities

I love the first few days of school. While they are hectic and downright stressful sometimes, the kids get to have fun getting to know each other and getting comfortable. 

This year, I am moving up to second grade from Kindergarten. 
In the past, we taught the Kindergarteners:
-how to line up
-how to sit still
-get to know you games

However, with 2nd grade, I'm excited that they will be more capable with reading and writing activities on the first day of school! 

A few samples of what I'll be doing the first week of school....

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Last Year's Classroom

Hey guys,

I know that a lot of you are looking for inspiration for your classroom, but I can't get into my class until August 4th... (the date keeps getting pushed back farther and farther!)

I am going to post some pictures from my Kindergarten classroom from last year. Mind you, I now teach 2nd Grade and my theme is all owls this year. I can't wait to put the pictures side by side and see how much different my room looks this year! All the colors and bulletin boards will be new and fresh! :-)

But, enjoy some pictures from last year! 

Here is the front of my classroom. 
Calendar, ActivBoard, check-in "Whoo's Here" board

Back Corner
Student Computers, assistant desk, Monster Job chart

(Almost) Whole Room shot
Tables with tags and chair pouches
These chair pouches were made by convicts actually, they are made and supplied to our free teacher store in Cincinnati, called Crayons 2 Computers. 

My teacher corner

Back of the room
Hot glue and clothespins for the display wall. 

Enjoy! Hope you got a few ideas, otherwise, hope you enjoyed looking!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

(10) Teacher Must-Haves

I am joining up with Kelley at Teacher Idea Factory and Rachelle at Life is Sweet... in Kindergarten for a Teacher Must-Have linky party. 

Going into my fourth year of teaching, I've gone through many phases of things I need and things I cannot live without. However, a few things I've stayed pretty true to and cannot teach or plan without it. I am going to blend my resources and my must-have items into one blog post. Some of these are not necessarily teaching resources, but I use them almost daily in my teaching life. 

My laminator
My wide collection of Post-It notes- these are used in curriculum assessment almost daily! 

My Mod Podge has provided me with many crafts and projects around the room.

My morning cup of coffee (not a resource, but a necessity)

Dollar Tree plastic containers!
My ActivBoard

( is much better, but costs money)
This was perfect for my Kindergarten, it'll be WAY too young for my 2nd graders, but there are a few multiplication and division games on there.
Also, I have a 2nd grader this year functioning on a low-kindergarten level, so I'll still be using it.

Individual White Boards for each kiddo

Binders... for everything!!
Teachers Pay Teachers!
Kindergarten, 2nd - English Language Arts, Holidays/Seasonal, Math -

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Monday Made It

Tara over at 4th Grade Frolics is having another week of Made It Mondays! 

Although I'm moving today and should've been packing ALL day yesterday, I did take some time to start a few projects. I finished them this morning! 

I created these name tags for my display wall outside my classroom for the student work to be shown off for the school.
I just used ribbon, button, and a hot glue gun.

#2 and #3
Two of my Pinterest inspirations (blogged about here) were created! 
I made these puff balls and this picture frame for my to-do list.
(sorry the picture is a little blurry)

Just tissue paper and bobby pins! Very easy! 

Picture frame and flower from the Dollar Tree, then a piece of notebook paper on the inside!

I made my birthday wall display that will sit next to or under my calendar (I haven't decided yet). The month nameplates can be found here at my TPT Store as part of my Owl Classroom Decor Pack!
Love Monster Box was SO much fun to make. I got a cute purple box as a present box holding some pretty jewelry for my birthday. I used this box as inspiration for my Love Monster Box. I found Mardi Gras beads (fun fact- they are actually from Bourbon Street in New Orleans and NO I did not do anything to earn these beads!). I hot glued these Mardi Gras beads to the box, then stuck the tag on top of it, and voila!

 I started with this cute purple box and beads.

Tell Me More, Tell Me More Linky Party

Amy Lemons over at Step Into Second Grade With Mrs. Lemons is having a linky party to introduce ourselves to each other. 

1. My current goal is to visit all 50 states before I hit 40. I turned 25 3 days ago, so I have 15 years to achieve this. This is how I keep track...

2. I love Halloween a little too much. I know I'm too old for it, but dressing up is too fun! Last year, I had 3 different costumes (1 for school and 1 for Friday and 1 for Saturday!).

3. I travel around the country with a group of 'Road Trip Friends' for Hanson concerts! It gets quite expensive because of all the things we do, but I wouldn't change it for the world. I've seen more places in the country in the last 5 years than I would've even imagine. Plus, I've had the opportunity to meet Hanson a few times and I even got a sit-down interview with them once. 
Top: Me and my 15 year obsession- Hanson
Bottom: The Road Trip Gang in front of New Orleans (a few ladies are missing from the picture). 

4. I am a die hard UK Cats fan!! I graduated from UK in 2009 and couldn't be more proud of our basketball team this year! 

5. I ran the Cincinnati Flying Pig this year (only half), but completed 13 miles of running. My goal was to finish and I made it in 2:24! 

6. I have sat in the "Center of the Universe" (or so Tulsa, Oklahoma claims). It was absolutely insane though because when you sit in this circle and talk, your voice echos and sounds like you're in a long hallway. Crazy experience if you're ever in Tulsa. 

7. I have an unhealthy obsession with M&M's. 

8. I have 4 siblings- 3 of them are gorgeous little girls (my half sisters). I am leaving for vacation with them on Wednesday and I can't wait to visit them at the beach. 

Stop by her blog and link up!

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