Second Grade Nest: June 2012

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Final Week of ExploreMore Art

My last week in Gifted/Talented Art was much different from the previous 2 weeks. These were 30 minute blocks and I had all the kids in the program, ranging from 5-14. We didn't know beforehand that the students were that old, so I had to replan all my lessons for my oldest class after Day 1 because I was so embarrassed asking 14 year olds to watercolor (although they enjoyed it!)

Here are a few looks at some of the things that we did this week: 

Monday: We watercolored our background and glued down sand for the beach. BOY! Was this messy!! I don't think NKU was very happy with me after that class. 

Tuesday: Little kids- We learned about Andy Warhol, then drew beach umbrellas and colored them Andy style! 

Tuesday: Older kids- charcoal sketching

Wednesday: Older kids- Canvas and Acrylic painting, they loved it! I was envious that I wasn't painting a beach scene too! Their creativity really showed here because I just told them to paint something summery. I got lots of different results. 

(side note) Wednesday with the little ones, we painted with sponges, but I didn't want to post a picture of that because you can find it here: More Gifted and Talented

Thursday: We made beach plates! The kids painted the background with sponge paintbrushes, then I made clay (dough) out of salt, flour, water, and alum. Sorry I couldn't get any action shots, but I literally had an inch of dough caked onto my fingers ALL day today! 

It's been a great 3 weeks and I am so glad that I got to spend this time with these special little kiddos. These three weeks helped me remember the importance of Art in the classroom. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The First of MANY Summer Crafts

Hey guys! 
I know you've likely seen this pin floating around. 

I feel absolutely horrible, but I cannot find the original link of where the pin came from. When I repinned it into my Classroom Board, the link just goes to a blank website. Either way, it inspired me to do my first summer craft project!! 

Materials Needed:
Scrapbook paper
Owl Body template
Owl eye template
Owl beak template
Mod Podge

So, I gathered a huge pile of things on my living room floor and got to work last night! 

TEACHER'S. WORST. NIGHTMARE. My poor blue scrapbook paper owls got wrapped up in my laminator and never came back out... 

BUT!! I got to buy a new and improved laminator!! I'm keeping my Walmart receipt (just in case). Knock on wood!!

 Finished product:

They ended up great and I can't wait to decorate my door with these cute little owls. I can't get into school until mid-July (wet wax), so I'll have to suffer until then. 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Rainbow Fish Art

Friday was Week 1's kids last day in Art, so we did four different Art centers.

We started by reading Rainbow Fish to the Rescue by Marcus Pfiester.

I grouped the students into four different groups.

1- Tissue paper fish
2- Underwater fish scene (using painting techniques we learned on Eric Carle day)
3- Make a paper plate fish, then fingerpaint.
4- Make a fish out of a CD and jewels.

They ended up really cute! 

 Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Thursday, June 14, 2012

More Gifted/Talented

This week has been a lot of fun. Yes, I do miss being in my apartment or by the pool (who am I kidding- I've been on TPT all summer), but this really is a great experience. Here are a few lessons we have done this week that I think some of ya'll might enjoy. 

I worked on teaching painting styles that we saw in Eric Carle books. We did our ocean backgrounds with many different paint tools, then used different media to glue scenery into the paintings.
 Of course I had to do an owl day! We read Owl Babies and Owl Moon and made a few owl crafts. I was really excited about the cotton ball white acrylic painting. 

 (Above, you can NEVER go wrong with making gooey substances. 2 cups glue + 1 cup liquid starch = 20 minutes of entertainment.

(left) Hard to see, but we made pom pom shooters. Top half of cups, bottom half of balloons, lightweight objects to shoot across the room .We made a graph of our findings. (Medium sized pom poms won). 

 We did the carnation experiment on plant day! They haven't done the best job. Usually in Kindergarten, the petals start turning the day of, but they aren't this time around. Word to the wise- use enough food coloring. Nothing more upsetting than disappointed kids expecting pink flowers the next day. 

And as an added bonus, there were leftover flowers and Water Balls from Thursday's lesson so I made home and made myself a pretty water ball arrangement (after I played with them for an hour). I do advise you to try those water balls!! They are the neatest things! 

After all this teaching, I'm still going home and cranking away at making things for TPT and my second grade year. Check out my TPT Store and see the progress I've made so far! 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

First Couple Days of Summer Teaching

I have had a great amount of fun teaching these last two days so far. Sometimes, its rather fun to just do Arts and Crafts all day without following strict standards! 

  Students using Watercolor, crayons, markers, colored pencil, and chalk to make Wild Things! (above and to right)

Science class- learned about volcanoes. After we did the volcano vinegar/baking soda/red sugar test, they made tear art volcanoes! (above)

(to right) After reading The Princess and the Pea, discussing fairy tales and making a web map of things found in fairy tales, students used sponges, chalk, and acrylic paint to create castles. 

Can't wait for the next three days' lessons! 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Behavior Chart

I am so excited today! I made my first craft from my TPT creations. Instead of doing all the other countless things on my to-do list such as lesson plans for tomorrow... I decide to make this instead!

Behavior Owl Chart

I had a custom request for this to revert it back to the seven steps, adding in Teacher Choice and Great Job/Good Day. She also wanted polka dots, so if you wanted that option, here is the link. 

Behavior Chart 2