Second Grade Nest: Place Value Down on the Farm

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Place Value Down on the Farm

Last week, I finished up my place value to 100 unit with my kids. 
I used a few of the centers activities from my Place Value Down on the Farm unit. 
The kids really enjoyed it! 

 I set up 6 stations that included different place value strategies. 
{There are MORE in my place value pack, but we haven't gotten to thousands yet, so I'll save the rest for later!}

Station 1: Word and Number Word matching

Station 2: Identify hundreds/tens/ones houses

Station 3: Representing 3 digit numbers with place value blocks

Station 4: Represents hundreds, tens, and ones from a 3 digit number 

Station 5: Identifying how many hundreds, tens, and ones 

Stations 6: Counting place value blocks 

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