Second Grade Nest: Setting Up My Classroom Progress

Monday, August 13, 2012

Setting Up My Classroom Progress

I spent all day at school today getting the few last minute things finished that I can. School starts on Wednesday and I couldn't be more nervous! Ah! However, I did decide I had enough time to squeeze in a Made It Monday post. 

 Earlier today, I created my big number line for my big second graders. This is a little spot in the room where they can play around and look at numbers 1-120. I had to add the blue painting tape because without it, the cards looked overwhelming and out of place. The blue tape somewhat made it easier for the eye to follow. 

My O.W.L. Binders that I worked on today. 
Inside of them, I have placed...
*Parent Information Letter
*Student, Teacher, Parent Contract
*Binder Rules
Then I bought some binder tabs to separate the rest into sections
*Parent Section
*Homework Section
*Behavior Section
*Newsletter Section

And here is where I will put all my laminated, cut, and bagged stations games that I make and buy off of TPT! I am considering spray painting this purple to match my book bins, but I was in a hurry today because there is SO MUCH to get done before I start on Wednesday!! 
Separated into: Seasonal activities, reading activities, and math activities.  

I know it isn't much today, but its been a crazy week getting prepped for school. 
Hope you still enjoy them! 

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  1. Love the OWLS! Looks cute! check out my Monday Made it too! It has OWLS as well...
    Fancy Free in Fourth

  2. Love the owls and the purple! I am your newest follower--I would love to have you come by and visit my blog--you could even win a laminator.

  3. Jessica Wow! you are so organized. I love those numbers! I'm gonna link up for the classroom, just as soon as I have pics to go with it.

  4. Love the owls! Are you going to put up your binder templates on TPT?

    Adventures of 5th Grade


      There they are! :-)