Second Grade Nest: August 2012

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Open House

Like many teachers in these last few weeks, I have been such an absent blogger! I'm so sorry!! I've been settling in and trying to get my ducks in a row for second grade curriculum. 

Tonight was Open House. I had 12 out of 21 parents and families show up, which actually is a phenomenal turn out for my population. It was so much fun! 

This was so much fun. The students got SO detailed with their illustrations. And when they came in that night, they were so eager to show their parents. 

On the desk:
-QR code that instantly saves my contact information to their phones
-Open House PowerPoint handout
-Curriculum Night invitation
-Letter to parents from student, stapled on top of letter for parent to write to student
-Questionnaire about student from parent's perspective 

I tried the apple tree that I saw on Pinterest. I teach in a very low income community, so I always feel guilty asking for these, but at the end of the night, all but four of them were gone!

And I combined my forms that I used into one document, which is available on my TPT Store (apple cut outs not included)...

Thursday, August 16, 2012

First Day & Guest Blogging

My first day of 2nd grade was today, and let me start off by saying WHAT A CHANGE! Teaching Kindergarten for the last 3 years, I was introduced to some stressful first days. In second grade, they are quiet, they listen, they can follow directions. I don't have to teach how to line up or how to sit still, it was amazing. 

Here are some fun first day activities we did...

We started by reading Jitter Juice and discussing our nerves on the first day of school.
Funny little ending in that story... the students were entertained! 
Then I created some "Jitter Juice" (recipe from Babbling Abby) Second Grade pack on TPT. 

This picture is very hard to see what it is, but we made Second Graders can/have/are charts. The kiddos were coming up with some really creative words to describe themselves   

And, of course, we made David!! Free craftivity on TPT! 
I had some pretty interesting looking Davids.  

And GREAT NEWS! My Vista Print stuff shipped!  
Follow the link to see the blown up images of what I ordered! 

 My kids had a blast playing Find Someone Who!
Click the link for a FREEBIE at my store! 

And my day went from great to fantastic after I read the writing journals!
I asked for 3 full sentences, but wasn't mad when I only got 1 on this response.... :-) 

FUN first day! I love second grade and can't wait to teach these kiddos! 

On a side note, I am guest blogging for Teacher Mom of 3 today! 
Follow the link to see my blog entry about Children's Literature and tying it in to the first days of school! 
Teacher Mom of 3

Monday, August 13, 2012

Setting Up My Classroom Progress

I spent all day at school today getting the few last minute things finished that I can. School starts on Wednesday and I couldn't be more nervous! Ah! However, I did decide I had enough time to squeeze in a Made It Monday post. 

 Earlier today, I created my big number line for my big second graders. This is a little spot in the room where they can play around and look at numbers 1-120. I had to add the blue painting tape because without it, the cards looked overwhelming and out of place. The blue tape somewhat made it easier for the eye to follow. 

My O.W.L. Binders that I worked on today. 
Inside of them, I have placed...
*Parent Information Letter
*Student, Teacher, Parent Contract
*Binder Rules
Then I bought some binder tabs to separate the rest into sections
*Parent Section
*Homework Section
*Behavior Section
*Newsletter Section

And here is where I will put all my laminated, cut, and bagged stations games that I make and buy off of TPT! I am considering spray painting this purple to match my book bins, but I was in a hurry today because there is SO MUCH to get done before I start on Wednesday!! 
Separated into: Seasonal activities, reading activities, and math activities.  

I know it isn't much today, but its been a crazy week getting prepped for school. 
Hope you still enjoy them! 

Make sure you check out my linky party!!
Link up your classroom! I'd love to see it!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

How Does Your Classroom Look? Linky

Hey blogger friends! 
This is my first stab at a linky party, so here goes! 
I wanted to get a linky started where we linked up pictures of our classroom. I know my ideas really flow when I see pictures on Pinterest of other classroom! I thought this may help us spread some ideas around. 

If you'd like to join, grab the link button above. All I ask is that you link it back to my blog! 

I'll start with mine... I blogged a few days ago on pictures of my overall classroom, but I'll post another picture up for this linky. 

Here is my front door and the view from the doorway. 

View from the back of the room. 

I couldn't find a pocket chart that had pockets big enough for cups, so I'm going to glue pom poms to craft sticks (as seen above) and put them in their envelopes. 
Poster can be found in my store. Click the link if you're interested. 

My organized teacher shelf! 
 My binder covers can be found at my store. 
Follow the picture link for my Teacher Binders, or click here for my Monthly binder covers

My first focus wall. This will change throughout the year. 
Also in this picture, you can see the book bins  I spray painted for Daily 5. 

My display wall in the back corner behind the cubbies. 
Made with an owl template and scrapbook paper. 

Reading corner.
FREEBIE book bin labels can be found at my store! 

My teacher corner 

Behavior chart, rules, targets, homework area
Both behavior chart and rules can be found at my store.

Job chart and check in chart
Both included in my Owl Decor Pack.
Owl Classroom Decor Pack

My outside display wall.
Click here for the EDITABLE owl display tags. 

Alright, your turn!! Link up and blog about how your classroom is looking. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Classroom!

 I am so excited to finally have my class almost all the way set up!! 

 Here is my classroom from the front door

Here is the view from my teacher desk.

Display Wall over the cubbies

Targets, Homework, Rules, Behavior Chart.
Chart and rules are both available in my Owl Classroom Decor Pack. Click the picture for the link. 

 Here are the display tags I made for each student out in the hallway. 

My calendar area. 
Birthday pieces and calendar pieces are part of my Owl Decor Pack. 

 Here is a close up of what the birthday chart looks like. 

This is my Writing Spot.
Writer's Eye posters, materials, what can I write about poster...

My Daily 5 classroom library. (Still growing!)

The vast majority of the objects you see in these pictures are from my Owl Classroom Decor Pack...
Pieces of the Calendar
Behavior Chart
Birthday Chart
Owl Book Tub Labels
Material Labels
Table Signs
If you're interested, check it out, but pay close attention to what my TPT Store lists is in the packet. Not all owl things you see in these pictures are included in my pack! 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Few Organizational Bits

As I spend this week setting up my classroom, I just wanted to update you guys on some of the stuff I've created.

I wanted to partake in the tool box > supply organizer that I saw on Pinterest. When I bought it, it was grey, so I spray painted it purple, cut up some argyle and zebra black and white scrapbook paper and got to crafting! 

I also saw this idea on Pinterest...
I took paint chips for the students usernames and passwords for computer logins, then put a 3M hook on the computer and they'll have near them for their independent time. 

And this is my very best friend!!
I made this last year and it was the best help that I could ever imagine. 
Copies made and binder clipped, games and centers laminated, cut, and put in Ziploc baggies- all ready and prepared before I come to school on Monday for the week!! 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Made It #10

Cheap way to make your paper book bins match your classroom perfectly- $1 book bins from IKEA and spray paint

So excited to be joined Monday Made It again with 4th Grade Frolics! I've been able to get into my classroom, so I have a few more things that I've completed.

Cheap way to make your paper book bins match your classroom perfectly- $1 book bins from IKEA and spray paint
Attention all Daily-5 users!!! Dollar Spot at Target! These bins are only $1!
I wasn't crazy about the colors not matching, so I bought some spray paint at the store. 

Cheap way to make your paper book bins match your classroom perfectly- $1 book bins from IKEA and spray paint
After my spray painting party. The whole day after I this, I swore I had arthritis. My hand was stuck like I was holding a spray paint can! Painful. 

Cheap way to make your paper book bins match your classroom perfectly- $1 book bins from IKEA and spray paint
Then, I slapped on my numbers and lined them up. I like them much better now that they are all matching. Maybe I'm just crazy. 

I found these frames at the free teacher store here in Cincinnati and decided I could do something with them. 

Cheap way to make your paper book bins match your classroom perfectly- $1 book bins from IKEA and spray paint
Voila! I'm going to put these on the tops of my teacher bookshelves. 

Behavior Chart with seven levels- owl themed
Finally got this set up with my little owls glued on to my clothes pins. I connected each paper with ribbon- which you can't see from this far away. Also, when I hot glued it to the wall, I only put a strip down the middle, otherwise the kids won't be able to pin their clothespin on. Check out my Owl Behavior Chart here or click the picture. 

Hope ya'll enjoyed a few of my creations! Good luck setting up your room and don't forget to link up with Monday Made It if you've created anything lately.